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3 PACK - Ezy-view Comfy-pump Belt

Price: $69.95 (Normally $79.95)
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Our new Ezy-view Comfy-pump insulin pump belt with mesh viewing panel are made from the same high quality Lycra/Nylon fabric which fits snug around your waist and has the same great comfortable and lightweight features as the original Comfy-pump belt, with the addition of a mesh viewing panel. This mesh viewing panel is found on one of the numerous belt pockets. By placing your insulin pump into the designated mesh pocket, you will be able to see and operate your pump with ease. This clever feature allows you to enter food eaten and make corrections discreetly, without the effort of having to remove it from your belt. 

Each belt has a number of pockets, which allow you to carry food for hypo treatment, extra equipment, a mobile phone or even money in addition to your insulin pump. The number of pockets in each belt varies depending on the size (the X Small belt has 3 pockets, while the X Large has 6).

Similar products on the market are restrictive, uncomfortable and leave quite a visible bulge under your shirt. ButEzy-view Comfy-pump belts are so comfortable and subtle that you'll forget it's even there and others won't even notice! 


To view our traditional Comfy-pump belts that do not have a mesh panel, click here.


Ezy-view Comfy-pump belts are available in Black and Nude. Both colours have a black mesh viewing panel, designed for added viewing ease.


  • X Small (47cm to 55cm Waist).
  • Small (55cm to 65cm Waist).
  • Medium (65cm to 85cm Waist).
  • Large (85cm to 100cm Waist).
  • X Large (100 cm to 140cm Waist).

When ordering your Ezy-view Comfy-pump belt, please choose the belt size nearest to your waist measurement. By choosing your exact or a slightly smaller sized belt, the belt will fit snugly and prevent your insulin pump from moving and bouncing when worn. As an example, the Small size fits an average sized 5 to 12 year-old. 


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