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Comfy Pump - 1 Pack

Price: $29.95

Comfy Pump insulin pump belts are made from high quality Lycra/Nylon fabric that fits snug around your waist. Each belt has a number of pockets, which allow you to place the insulin pump wherever it suits you. In the extra pockets, you can carry food for hypo treatment, extra equipment, a mobile phone or even money.

Similar products on the market are restrictive, uncomfortable and leave quite a visible bulge under your shirt. But Comfy Pump belts are so comfortable and subtle that you'll forget it's even there and others won't even notice!


  • X Small (47cm to 55cm Waist).
  • Small (55cm to 65cm Waist).
  • Medium (65cm to 85cm Waist).
  • Large (85cm to 100cm Waist).
  • X Large (100 cm to 140cm Waist).

When ordering the Comfy Pump belt, please choose the belt size nearest to your waist measurement. By choosing your exact or a slightly smaller sized belt, the belt will fit snugly and prevent your insulin pump from moving and bouncing when worn.

As an example, the small size fits an average sized 5 to 12 year-old. The number of pockets in each belt varies depending on the size (the XS belt has 3 pockets, while the XL has 6).

Customer Feedback

"I would like to take the opportunity to tell you how pleased I am with the pump belt I bought a while ago. Of all the belts and other things I have tried to wear my pump, your belt is the best. Comfortable, discreet, easy to access..... Really, what a simple but great idea had the person who created it."

- Valeria

"We got back from holidays to our package from Diabete-ezy. My 10 year old son did not want to use the Comfy Pump belt (he is used to using a belt with a pump bag hanging down the front), I asked him to put in on and just try it.  A little later, he came back and said he is going to tell his friends he doesn't have diabetes anymore. When asked why, he said with the comfy belt you can't tell he has a pump at all. Thank you!!!

- A very happy diabetic Mum, Kylie

"Love your Comfy Pump belts! Em currently uses a nude one and the funky multi colour one. A MUST HAVE!! and she is now using the extra pockets for hypo lollies. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THEM! :)"

- Rebecca

"I would just like to add my thanks to the many people who love the Comfy Pump belt.  I ordered one several weeks ago really not knowing what to expect and I have just ordered another three!  Love them. Now no one can see the pump I am wearing and I can wear all my tops without being self concious of the pump.  Thank you so very much." 

- Gale

"Hi! We got the 2 small pump packs the other day and my daughter has not looked back! She absolutely loves them, they fit so nicely! She loves that it has extra pockets, and how the belt isn't "tall", just big enough for the pump."

- Mary

"I would just like to thank you for making all of these diabetes aides/helps/life-savers, for us to purchase!!!  Emily has just changed over from injections everyday to a pump!!  And we are SO LOVING your comfy pump belt. She even wore her pump playing netball yesterday and there were no dramas!! :) The only time they come off is when I need to wash them and to have a shower."

- Beck

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