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If you are a Pharmacy or Wholesaler wishing to find out more about the Diabete-ezy product line we can be contacted via the following methods:

  • Phone:  07 3289 5444
  • Fax:      07 3289 5448
  • Email  


We have received many enquiries from our customers as to where they can purchase our products.  In order to service our customers needs we would like to refer them into pharmacies that stock the Diabete-ezy line.  To achieve this we are offering a Special where pharmacies can stock the Diabete-ezy line at a discount of their choosing.  This will then entitle the pharmacy to be listed on the Diabete-ezy Website Stockists page. Please open the following Website Special Order Form to view our offer.

The following form is for Pharmacies that already stock our products and would like to re-order or for pharmacies who do not wish to participate in the Website Special but would still like to stock some of the Diabete-ezy products*.

*Please note that in order to offer the best service to our customers we will only list pharmacies that stock all the Diabete-ezy range on the Diabete-ezy Website.

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