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Pump Log Record Book

This Pump Log record book is very useful for Insulin Pump users in keeping track of your day to day routine as so many things influence your body when you have diabetes.

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Diabetes Travel Bag, Insulin Pumps, Diabetes Record Book

Garter Pump – Insulin Pump Band

An easy solution to wearing a dress and an insulin pump at the same time. One size fits all.

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Diabetes Posters, Insulin Pumps, Diabetes Carrying Cases

Multi-fit Case

The Stylish Multi-fit Case carries everything that the Ezy-fit Case carries plus much more. This new design will suit for both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetics.

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Diabetes Pump Accessores, Diabetes Supplies, Diabetes Products

Limited Addition Colours - Comfy Pump Insulin Pump Belts

“Comfy pump” insulin pump belts are made from high quality Lycra/Nylon fabric which fits snug around your waist.

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