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Articles and Diabetic Living Q&A With Elissa Renouf

Since 2007, Elissa Renouf has written a Q&A column in Diabetic Living magazine and has also had numerours articles and blogs written about her and her family. With four of her five children living with Type 1 Diabetes, she has plenty of experience in the field. Here, you can find some of the advice and tips she has offered over the years to help make different aspects of living with diabetes...ezy. 


Living Positively: D-Mom Of 4 Children With Type 1 Diabetes

On the surface, Elissa Renouf looks like your typical mother of five beautiful, happy, healthy, well-loved children, four boys and one girl, ages 13 to 21. Digging futher, you'll learn their family's life is a little more complicated than others...

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Insulin Pump, Testing and Hypo Advice

Insulin pumps, needles, testing and hypos are part of everyday life for people with diabetes. There are so many tips and hints available for this vital part of managing diabetes that it can be overwhelming, confusing and contradictory. Here, Elissa Renouf offers some of her top tips for testing and managing hypos, as well as her opinions on insulin pumps versus needles.

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Maintaining a Normal Life

Maintaining a normal life and not allowing it to define you is an important part of living with diabetes, particularly for children and teenagers. Elissa Renouf offers some advice on how to achieve this. 

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Parenting - What's Best For Your Child and What's Best For You

Helping your child to manage their diabetes can be exhausting and is often overwhelming. That's why it's essential for parents of children with diabetes to take care of themselves and to put into place coping mechanisms that work for them. Here, Elissa Renouf offers parenting advice and shares some of her own experiences of how she, as a mother of four children with Type 1 diabetes, keeps calm and stays strong.  

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Children Transitioning Into Control

As a parent, it's natural to want to take full control over managing your child's diabetes. As they grow older, though, taking control of their own health is an important step for children towards independence and longterm sustainable health. As the mother of four children with Type 1 Diabetes, Elissa Renouf has plenty of experience in this area. Here, she tackles some of the issues that often arise with children transitioning into control and offers some helpful firsthand tips.

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Helping your child manage their diabetes while at school can be an extremely challenging, stressful and anxious experience. Nobody wants to entrust their child's health with a stranger, but it's not possible to be there for every moment of every school day. Elissa Renouf tackles some of the issues experienced by parents and offers helpful tips and hints for managing diabetes at school.

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Burning Out

Effectively managing diabetes is a full-time job. Often, people grow tired of keeping on top of everything they need to to properly manage their health and burn out as a result. This can be detrimental to their wellbeing and is important to try and avoid. Here, Elissa Renouf offers advice and passes on some of her own techniques to avoid burning out.

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