Clean fingers…reliable BG test results!

Clean fingers…reliable BG test results!

It was Freddie’s First day at Day Care and I received a phone call at lunch time alerting me to the fact that his BGL was 21mml. I know that he was 6.2mml at morning tea and know that what he ate at Morning Tea would not raise his levels this much. I asked if he had washed his hands before testing and they said that he had. Usually we would give him an extra insulin injection to bring a level of 21mml down but I asked if they could use the Test-wipes I had in his meter case to wipe his finger and retest, his level came down to 13mml.

I often wonder what would have happened if I had not got them to retest and they had just given him the injection… we might have spent the night in hospital because Fred may have had a severe hypo.

Moral of the story….never trust a 3 year old when they say they have washed their hands!!

– Elissa


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