Supporting Newly Diagnosed Young Adults

Elissa and Daughter Sunita Renouf

Supporting Newly Diagnosed Young Adults

Q. My 25 year old daughter has recently been diagnosed T1. She doesn’t live at home anymore, how can I support her without being overbearing?

Elissa and Daughter Sunita Renouf A. My daughter Sunita was diagnosed at 22andI also wanted to be there as much I could to support her. She was living quite independently at the time, so I also didn’t want to be overbearing. However, I was always there for her whenever she called or messaged with a question or concern. Setting her up with a good Endocrinologist and Diabetes Educator will help support and ease the transition, your daughter may also like you to attend these appointments with her which will help support her daily control. I would also recommend getting her to start logging her readings, testing times, carbohydrate intake and exercise in a log book, this really helped Sunny understand how certain food and exercise affected her blood glucose levels and overtime gave her the confidence to adjust her insulin dose for the food she was eating. If you’re unsure yourself, there are plenty of resources available that can help you both, such as Diabetes Australia or JDRF.  Wishing you and your daughter all the best.


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